Solar Modules

Bifacial Solar Panels

More durable and UV resistant, bifacial modules produce power from both sides of the panel. Capturing sunlight on both sides allows for higher efficiency.

UM Power 500w Plus Big Panel double-sided bifacial solar panels 525W-550W

  • Tier 1 grade bifacial solar panel
  • Photovoltaic module ideal for pergolas and greenhouses
  • Get more electricity than a traditional PV module
  • Aesthetic architecture options
  • Frameless and framed construction are both available

Brand: UM Power

Cell Technology: Bifacial Double-Sided Solar Cell

Product Description

UM Power manufactures the ultra Hi-efficiency range of solar panels. The UM Power Bi-facial solar panel generates power from both the front and rear. At STC, the assured generation is 500 watts, while Bi-facial technology has the potential to create 20% more electricity.
If the UM Power Bifacial Solar Panel is put on a surface that reflects in nature, such as grass, RCC roof, or white paint, and is installed at the height of 1.5 meters above ground, it may result in a 7- 20% increase in generation.
Pure Mono Perc solar technology is used in UM Power solar panels. It has 144 solar cells and 9 bus bars, making it one of the most technologically sophisticated products on the market.