Solar Modules

Customized Solar Panel

Constantly innovating to deliver the latest photovoltaics technologies to provide custom solar panels that adapt to the changing needs of the solar market.

UM Power Mono Poly Double Glass Custom Made Solar Panels

UM Power, as a manufacturer, provides high-quality and versatile bespoke solar panels for a variety of applications. We produce adjustable panels to size, shape, cell quality (polycrystalline, monocrystalline, or sunpower) and comprehensive power solution, from prototype to serial manufacturing. We can manufacture from 3Wp to 400Wp and deliver various voltages based on your individual application requirements.

Brand: UM Power

Cell Technology: On-Demand (Mono/Poly/Double)

Product Description

UM Power provides a customized service for solar modules, which we may manufacture based on the buyer’s diagram and description. Millions of customized solar tracker panels for solar tracking systems have been manufactured by UM Power.

Solar panels made to order for any application. Power, size, colour, and other variations are available. Glass/glass. Glass/backsheet. UM Power is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency bespoke solar panels.