UM Power offers a diverse range of solar cells. We have all of the major solar panel types from the leading companies, allowing you to purchase solar panels that will exactly match your system. Using solar energy through solar panels for sale decreases your monthly energy cost, raises the value of your property, and minimizes your carbon impact. Because of its great efficiency and durability, you can be assured that your investment will last, and there is also a guarantee available.
When you acquire solar panels, you may install them yourself or pay professionals to do it for you! Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, make sure you buy the proper solar panel kit with the right wattage and volt for your current solar panel system and maximum power production.

Solar Modules

UM Power offers a variety of modules and solutions to fit your project needs. Based on UM Power’s leading multi-busbar technology, our modules incorporate 210mm silicon wafers, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies, allowing over 600W power output and up to 21.4% module efficiency. With low-voltage and higher module string power output, our new module series unlocks huge potential for further reducing balance-of-system costs and LCOE.

Bifacial Solar Panels

More durable and UV resistant, bifacial modules produce power from both sides of the panel. Capturing sunlight on both sides allows for higher efficiency.


Mono Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels contain cells that are cut from a single crystalline silicon ingot which makes them purer and hence more efficient.


Shingled Solar Panel

Cut solar cells into strips and overlap them inside the framed module which boosts cell quantity, increasing power output, and module efficiency.


Poly Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar cells are blended together from multiple pieces of silicon. Smaller bits of silicon are molded and treated to create the solar cell.


Customized Solar Panel

Constantly innovating to deliver the latest photovoltaics technologies to provide custom solar panels that adapt to the changing needs of the solar market.

Solar Systems

UM Power residential panels provide home and business owners with dependable power while also being visually appealing. Our residential modules, which are available with black or silver frames and black or white back sheets, have a clean aesthetic profile and are guaranteed by UM Power’s quality assurance and our industry-leading 25-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.


For Residential On-Grid

An on-grid or grid-tied solar system is a system that works along with the grid. This means that any excess or deficiency of power can be fed to the grid through net metering.


For Residential Off-Grid

The off-grid solar-powered systems are entirely dependable because they store power directly into the batteries, thus when there is a power outage, these batteries can give reinforcement.


For Commercial On-Grid

Reduce operational costs in terms of energy by leveraging the power of Commercial On-Grid Solar Solutions from UM Power, while export the surplus energy to the grid.


For Hybrid Residential

Generate power in the same way as a common grid-tie solar system but use special hybrid inverters and batteries to store energy for later use.


For Solar Carport

Take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity while providing shaded or covered parking to everyday users.

Solar Batteries

Power your life with a smart, reliable, and safe home battery from UM Power. Our intelligent battery solutions help you safely power your home with the cleanest energy available, day and night. We’ve pioneered a wholly decentralized way of installing solar and storage systems that scale to match your energy needs in the built environment. The UM Power battery system is a key to your clean, reliable energy future.

Eco Home

The PowerCube ECOHome series is ideally designed for energy storage & backup power solution for home use or small commercial applications.


Eco start

The PowerCore Ecostart series batteries are designed for the drop-in replacement of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with its standard BCI group size.